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Re: Planned packages for sarge

#include <hallo.h>
Tollef Fog Heen wrote on Mon Jul 22, 2002 um 12:48:10AM:

> | What's the take on the installer right now, anyway? Will the new
> | debian-installer be ready for Sarge if we freeze in 2-3 months?
> It might be usable for i386 in that time.  Unless people using
> non-i386 archs help out with it, there is _no way_ it will be finished
> anywhere close to on time.
> And no, sarge will _NOT_ release with boot-floppies.  It will use d-i
> and/or PGI.

Whose decission? And how can (s)he justify it?

"Millionen von Fliegen, die um den Dreck schwirren,
 können sich nicht irren"
             (Auswertung der Win-95 Verkaufszahlen, in Chip 8/96)

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