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Planned packages for sarge

  Well done to everyone for the woody release!

Are there any plans for what packages will go into sarge? or will you
just wait xx months and freeze with whatever is there at the time. 

IMHO, it would be better to plan what is expected to go in sarge, then
the freeze can start as soon as these packages are ready and any other
major releases will have to wait until sarge+1. Hopefully then new
upstream releases won't hold back the next release. 

A start of a list could look like:
- new menu system
- PGI 
- KDE 3.0.x
- GNOME 2.0.x
- Apache 2
- Perl 5.8
- hurd ?sarge +1?
Obviously the individual maintainers of the major packages would have to
contribute as only they know what can realistically be achieved.
By major packages, I (mainly) mean packages which many other packages
depend on; and packages which are very complex.
Also note the importance of adding to the list such items as "major
policy change of foo" and "major changes to foobar infrastructure, so
that it supports bar".

If major new release which aren't on the list are made before the start
of the freeze, then perhaps they should be packaged in experimental and
only be allowed into sid (and the planned packages list) if they are in
an almost-complete state, waiting for further testing, at a fixed time
before the planned start of the freeze.

I expect many people will have their own opinions about what should go
into sarge, but what is really needed to make this work is some sort of
approval of such a list by the important people (release manager)


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