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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

>>>>> "Carlos" == Carlos Sousa <csousa@tvtel.pt> writes:

    >> never become stable, right?  People ask me, "What
    >> distribution > should I use?".  I ask them "What you going to
    >> use the box for?".  If they say"A desktop machine" I point
    >> them to Mandrake or RedHat (based on their knowledge level).
    >> If they say "A server" I point them to Debian and add that
    >> they better know their stuff.

    Carlos> Then you've been giving *wrong* advice to these
    Carlos> people.

No he isn't. This is EXACTLY (wordily!) the same advice _I_ give my
friends/colleagues! Whatever the Social contract (see previous mail in
thread) say, our _USERS_ are the system administrators out there. 

This is our PRIMARY audience. We're not saying that all the others shouldn't
use our system. We build Debian GNU/Linux PRIMARILY for the system admin.

A SERVER operating system isn't (always) suitable for the young/inexperienced
and/or for the 'home' market (read: 'simple' workstation). It CAN be used
there, but that's not what it was designed for...

I have quite a lot of friends in the 'Microsoft world' (actually MOST of
my friends 'live' there). They're not using 'M$ Windows 2k Advanced Server'
(or whatever it's exact model name is :) on their home/workstation. They're
using 'Windows 2k' (or millennium or whatever).

So even in THAT world, nobody (at least VERY FEW) is using a SERVER operating
system on the workstation. Why should the Linux world be any different?

    Carlos> I've been a RedHat user, and I find Debian
    Carlos> *easier*, with all its shortcomings and initial
    Carlos> hurdles. It has been my recent experience that a good
    Carlos> generalistic OS, like the majority of Linux distributions,
    Carlos> will be the good choice both for the desktop and for the
    Carlos> server backroom.

    Carlos> Debian for all!

I'm NOT saying that 'ordinary' users shouldn't use Debian GNU/Linux. I'm
saying that Debian GNU/Linux is PRIMARILY _designed_ with for the SERVER
market. I'm also using Debian GNU/Linux on _all_ my workstations, and many
of my close friends as well. But that's not what it's PRIMARY design is/was

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