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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

On 09 Jun 2002 15:44:50 +0200 Till Gerken <till@tantalo.net> wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-06-09 at 15:04, Phillip Hofmeister wrote:
> > > Folks, new users, new maintainers: The keyword here is 'the best'!
> > > 
> > > Historically, Debian GNU/Linux have NEVER 'cared', 'bothered'
> > > (etc) with what USERS want. Debian GNU/Linux is not for the users.
> > > It is FOR the system administrator(s), BY the system
> > > administrator(s). We make this system for OUR use, not for the
> > > USER. Debian GNU/Linux is
> > >
> > Amen to that.  On this topic (not sure if it was mentioned) there
> This sounds like cutting down on the number of problems by just
> ignoring end-user requests? Also, it seems a bit ignorant to just say,
> "this system is for us, not for you". I don't mean to insult here, but
> this point of view is rather simplistic.

Actually, this "Debian for sysadmins not users" argument seems to me
fundamentally flawed:

1) Adults start as children. Sysadmins start as users. I
have played my part in pushing Microsoft software into whatever
workplace I happened to have been these last 15 years. If a teenager
user starts with Mandrake now, he'll probably be a Mandrake sysadmin in
the future.

2) Quality is quality, ease of use/administration is ease of
use/administration, period. If an OS passes muster for a company
regarding stability, features, ease of maintenance, etc, then it's also
good for my home, for *exactly* the same reasons.

> > never become stable, right?  People ask me, "What distribution
> > should I use?".  I ask them "What you going to use the box for?". 
> > If they say"A desktop machine" I point them to Mandrake or RedHat
> > (based on their knowledge level).  If they say "A server" I point
> > them to Debian and add that they better know their stuff.  This

Then you've been giving *wrong* advice to these people. I've been a
RedHat user, and I find Debian *easier*, with all its shortcomings and
initial hurdles. It has been my recent experience that a good
generalistic OS, like the majority of Linux distributions, will be the
good choice both for the desktop and for the server backroom.

Debian for all!

Carlos Sousa

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