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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> writes:

    Steve> This is not a contest; Debian is about providing the best
    Steve> Free Operating System that we can make, not just about
    Steve> market share.

Folks, new users, new maintainers: The keyword here is 'the best'!

Historically, Debian GNU/Linux have NEVER 'cared', 'bothered' (etc)
with what USERS want. Debian GNU/Linux is not for the users. It is
FOR the system administrator(s), BY the system administrator(s). We
make this system for OUR use, not for the USER. Debian GNU/Linux is
not (and have never been) directed to the 'home market'.

We make THE best operating system in the world. The most secure and
the most stable.

If USERS find this interesting and something they want on there home/work
station, GOOD. They will not be disappointed. They have after all installed
the best OS!

The backside of this is that we don't release as often as all the others.
You can't have both. Remember, it's made FOR the system administrator BY
the system administrator. We have other tasks that (sometimes) are more
important than Debian GNU/Linux...

I can't remember exactly when we released Potato, but historically it
have taken about one and a half to two years between the releases. Is
it two years since Potato was released? Not what I can remember.

Steve was saying 'this is not a contest'. Not true. It _IS_ a contest.
To make the _BEST_ operating system, not the one that's released most
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president tritium FSF Peking cryptographic Treasury explosion
[See http://www.aclu.org/echelonwatch/index.html for more about this]

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