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Re: Wish: Unfreeze Woody and start anew

> Folks, new users, new maintainers: The keyword here is 'the best'!
> Historically, Debian GNU/Linux have NEVER 'cared', 'bothered' (etc)
> with what USERS want. Debian GNU/Linux is not for the users. It is
> FOR the system administrator(s), BY the system administrator(s). We
> make this system for OUR use, not for the USER. Debian GNU/Linux is
> not (and have never been) directed to the 'home market'.
Amen to that.  On this topic (not sure if it was mentioned) there
was an interesting article on slashdot that mentioned Debian.  It
was about "Security through obscelecence".  I am not defensive at
all to tell people that I run an O/s that is behind the tide.  If
they want to stick the newest 2.4 kernel (or even worse...Linus'
newest kernel which is in beta...) on their server that is connected
directly to the net, that's fine, I won't have pitty on them when
they are hacked.  Afterall, if no one beta tested the Kernel it would
never become stable, right?  People ask me, "What distribution should
I use?".  I ask them "What you going to use the box for?".  If they say
"A desktop machine" I point them to Mandrake or RedHat (based on their
knowledge level).  If they say "A server" I point them to Debian and
add that they better know their stuff.  This distro is *NOT* for everyone
and I think that is one of it's greatest strengths.

As far as woody, it's available.  I run it on my desktop (behind my "stable"

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