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Re: Debian doesn't have to be slower than time.

>>"Will" == Will Lowe <harpo@thebackrow.net> writes:

 >> If emacs policy, say, were to be significatly changed in some ways, a
 >> lot of packages would be implicated.  You seem to be saying we should
 >> just never make those changes.  

 Will> Certainly those changes need to be made, sometimes.  But it seems like
 Will> as a Project we could do a better job of not making major changes in
 Will> Emacs policy, Perl policy, Debian policy, Menu policy, and every other
 Will> policy all at the same time during the same release.

 Will> Maybe for 3.1 if we discover we need a major Emacs Policy change that
 Will> means we *shouldn't* have a major Perl policy change until 3.2
 Will> ... that way we keep the number of broken-by-policy packages down to a
 Will> reasonable number PER RELEASE.

	Policy is not allowed to change such that there are a
 significant number of broken packages, so this is a unnecessary

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