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Re: Debian doesn't have to be slower than time.

"Joel Baker" <lucifer@lightbearer.com> writes:

> The way that I talked about previously in this thread. If a task is too big
> to be completed in one release... then the task is too big. Break it up,
> and make it into smaller tasks that *can* get done.

There really are packages which require lots of time, even if they
don't require all 8000 packages to be changed.

If emacs policy, say, were to be significatly changed in some ways, a
lot of packages would be implicated.  You seem to be saying we should
just never make those changes.  

Saying "if there's a big change, just break it up" doesn't answer the
question.  Some changes really *are* big changes and just take real
time to implement.

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