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Re: Preparing a Proposal: 3 DD needed for every NEW package

Hi Raphael!

You wrote:

> The only list is the (private) list of MIA maintainer based on echelon
> that is maintained by Nils Lohner (CQ on irc).

Yeah, that's what I meant. It could be easily extended.

> May I also tell you that such a list is no solution ? The real problem
> are the orphaned packages, such a list would only help people to find
> orphaned packages, but that's not how things are supposed to go. We
> should never have to deal with such problems because a package should
> always have a maintainer and the only way for that is to have a backup
> maintainer ready. 

I don't agree. In a perfect world, yes, we would have all available
software packaged for debian and all packages maintained. But that's
just not reality. It's not even necessary.  There is no need for
``backup maintainers'': if a package is orphaned[1], then either
somebody else adopts the package (in which case there is no problem), or
the package should be dropped [2] (because apparently, it is
``unneeded'').  I think that such a system would solve the problem of
orphaned and unmaintained packages in a much easier way that your

[1] There should indeed be a procedure to detect non-maintained packages
    and ophan them. This should probably be done by the QA team. But
    there should be policy about this, of course.
[2] This should of course also be done in some structural manner.

Kind regards,
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