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Re: Preparing a Proposal: 3 DD needed for every NEW package

Hi Raphael!

You wrote:

> If you look carefully you'll find dozen of packages that were ITPed by
> several persons (that means that several developers are interested in
> the same package) that finally get packaged but not well maintained.

It's quite easy to say that you can find dozens of such packages. Please
be specific, and post the name of those packages/maintainers (take it to
-private, if you want) but I honestly don't believe that there are many
badly maintained recent packages.

> If all the developers who were initially interested could have gotten
> backup maintainers, they could have noticed that the package is no more well
> maintained and they could take it over or help the main maintainer
> if he didn't totally disappear.

They can do that now, too. And if they don't notice that the package is
badly mainatined, then what is the problem? There are many packages that
haven't been updated in ages, but work perfectly.

> > think). Seriously though, it's not the new packages we should worry
> > about (they are mostly well taken care of and not orphaned quickly), but
> > the old ones.
> All the old ones were new one day ... the fact that they are more or
> less orphaned today is the proof that we don't have a good system to
> let interested developers follow the life of a package that they are
> interested in.

OK, but giving all packages multiple maintainers I find a bit far
fetched a solution.

Kind regards,
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