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Preparing a Proposal: 3 DD needed for every NEW package

[Please Cc: to me! (ETOOHIGHVOLUME)]

As you might already have noticed Debian begun to bloat - so many
unneeded, unused, unmaintained(!) packages.
My opinion is that one DD alone couldn't upload NEW package, but he
needs 2 proponent DD who are willing to "give his signature for it".
Just to make it a little more complicated a minimum of 50 word long
justification needed from all the 3 guys (e.g. two proponent DD and the
future maintainer).

Will it work? I hope it will do work, as sponsored packages are usually
in a good manner, even with the rock of needing to wait for the sponsor.
Will it make Debian better? Unfortunately, it won't. It will probably
make it bloating less quick.

Guys. Wake up! The *ONLY* thing that gets some brain-dead geek to use
Debian is Debian's legendary quality. If Debian continue to go on this
way it's quality will be legendary. Only legendary.

Waiting for responses.

Lenart, Janos

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