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Re: ddtp: new notifications mails, opt-in or opt-out?

Quoting Christian Kurz (shorty@debian.org):
> > Sorry, but this is how Debian has operated since the early days.
> Well, but in the early days, there were not that many developers and
> especially such high traffic on this list, as it now occurs in
> discussions. And expecting that everyone has enough time to read all
> those discussions and participate in the for him interesting ones, is
> not acceptable. [1] So since the number of debian developers has
> increased a lot since the early days, debian should respect that and
> change some of the ways it's been operated on. Insisting on keeping old
> old behaviour and never making any change won't improve debian or help
> with improving it. 

Yes, improvement is good, but in this case what you want to do is a 
huge step backwards and not forwards.
> > If we would constantly call for formal votes all day long, no more
> > productive work would be done. 
> I was not talking about constantly calling for voting, but for important
> changes like the ddts is introducing into debian. And having 10-20
> people creating a consensus for all 700 and more developers is in my
> opinion not acceptable.

Then they should participate in the discussion.

> > Everybody had his chance to voice his opinion.
> But only if he was able to keep up with following the lengthy
> discussions on debian-devel. Everyone who had not the time for this,
> hadn't the chance. So there wasn't a fair chance for all developers to
> voice their opinion about this topic.

Not true. If they are interested they can. Even I manage to, if I 
think it is important enough and I am pretty sure my workload is far 
higher then yours.

> [1] Not everyone is so fast like Wichert to be able to check so many
> mailing-list in such a short time for the interesting ones and answer
> them. 

It is just a matter of prioritizing it.


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