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Re: ddtp: new notifications mails, opt-in or opt-out?

Previously Christian Kurz wrote:
> So you want to say that only the opionion of the people is counted that
> participated in that lengthy discussion?

If people don't voice an opinion by participating in the discussion
it's hard to know what they think.

> So, you want to have in the future discussions on this list
> with 1000 mails and more, where all developers participate to have a
> real consensus? 

Consensus is not an exact thing, otherwise it would be a vote. If
people don't raise their voice or don't vote there is not much we
can do about that. Unfortunately that holds for a large number of
people, both in Debian (look at the number of people who voted in
the DPL elections) as for most governments.

I see this as a pretty simple decision: a number of people complained
(loudly) that they received unwanted and unsollicited email over
which they had no control. In reaction to that there was a discussion
and as a result of that those emails were turned off.

Suddenly turning those emails on again does not change the nature
of them: they are still unwanted and unsollicted to a number of
developers. There are even laws against such emails in a number
of countries.

Thankfully there is now a mechanism that allows developers to
selectively enable translation notifications for them which makes
it a opt-in system. This has the advantages of not pissing off
our developers, not violating the DMUP, and actually being legal
as well.

I'ld say the choice is simple.


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