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Re: ddtp: new notifications mails, opt-in or opt-out?

On 06/10/01, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Christian Kurz wrote:
> > Oh, so I'm now forced to check every discussion taking part here on
> > debian-devel to find out if it's important and if I need to voice my
> > opinion or not? How many hours has a day for you? 

> 24, and it's trivial to scan for interesting discussion and track
> the ones you are interested in.

Well, but from the 24hours, I can normally only spend about 1-3 hours
for e-Mails. And checking a lengthy discussion and reading first the new
e-Mails and then writing your opinion/answers takes often more time,
since there's also private e-Mails to answer.

> > I'm against calling an informal agreement made on debian-devel a
> > consensus.

> Sounds you are changing the definition of consensus then.

No, but I don't think that you can call an informal agreement by about
10-20 people discussing something on debian-devel a consensus for
Debian. Especially since we have a lot more developers and a consensus
should have been discussed or agreed by at least a quarter of the

> > Sorry, but this is wrong. They had some control over getting those
> > messages, but not as they liked.

> You must have missed the people complaining that their requests not
> to get those mails were ignored.

Yes, but did you also not the unfriendly tone and demand inside e-Mails?
If you ask friendly or offer help things often change a lot more faster,
then either being unfriendly or even offering no help.

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