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Re: ddtp: new notifications mails, opt-in or opt-out?

This will hopefully be my last e-Mail to this mailing-list. I want talk
about the reasons here exactly, but some people may have an idea about

And by the way, I don't really need a extra copy of a mail send to this
list, because I read it. 

On 08/10/01, neuffer@sciobyte.de wrote:
> Quoting Christian Kurz (shorty@debian.org):
> > > > I'm against calling an informal agreement made on debian-devel a
> > > > consensus.

> > > Sounds you are changing the definition of consensus then.

> > No, but I don't think that you can call an informal agreement by about
> > 10-20 people discussing something on debian-devel a consensus for
> > Debian. Especially since we have a lot more developers and a consensus
> > should have been discussed or agreed by at least a quarter of the
> > developers.

> Sorry, but this is how Debian has operated since the early days.

Well, but in the early days, there were not that many developers and
especially such high traffic on this list, as it now occurs in
discussions. And expecting that everyone has enough time to read all
those discussions and participate in the for him interesting ones, is
not acceptable. [1] So since the number of debian developers has
increased a lot since the early days, debian should respect that and
change some of the ways it's been operated on. Insisting on keeping old
old behaviour and never making any change won't improve debian or help
with improving it. 

> If we would constantly call for formal votes all day long, no more
> productive work would be done. 

I was not talking about constantly calling for voting, but for important
changes like the ddts is introducing into debian. And having 10-20
people creating a consensus for all 700 and more developers is in my
opinion not acceptable. Especially since the ddts and the improvements
that it will have for our users, effect every debian developer who
contributes to this project, to create a good linux distribution. 

> Everybody had his chance to voice his opinion.

But only if he was able to keep up with following the lengthy
discussions on debian-devel. Everyone who had not the time for this,
hadn't the chance. So there wasn't a fair chance for all developers to
voice their opinion about this topic.


[1] Not everyone is so fast like Wichert to be able to check so many
mailing-list in such a short time for the interesting ones and answer
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