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Re: Autoconf 2.50

On Thu, May 24, 2001 at 11:51:21AM +0900, Junichi Uekawa wrote:
> Ben Pfaff <pfaffben@msu.edu> immo vero scripsit
> It seems like many packages break with autoconf-2.50, 
> Out of all my packages which use autoconf,
>  ecasound = ok 
>  qtecasound = NO 
which is a CVS version
>  ecawave = NO
>  mpich = NO
does not build-depend upon autoconf
>  sted2 = NO
>  beast = NO
idem, and there is no need to run autoconf in debian/rules

> only 1 passed autoconf-2.50 unmodified.

The only real problems are with beta packages taken from CVS,
i would suggest to run autoconf 2.13 on those sources and ship
generated files along with sources until upstream author considers
putting those files under CVS too, which is IMO the best solution.

> It might be just me, but these packages will receive a 
> "serious" bug  because they (at least ecawave and 
> qtecasound) won't build from source.
> I would suggest reverting "autoconf" to be the compatibility 
> version, and applications which work with autoconf-2.50
> can build-depend upon it, after being verified as such.

This problem only demonstrates that many Debian packages are beta
software, which is a bad thing, and i strongly disagree with your
suggestion. An easy solution is as i said to ship files generated by
autoconf 2.13 and drop this Build-Depends dependency. This will also
ease compiling sources on any distribution (stable/testing/unstable).

Please consider also that automake 1.5 will be out soon. 


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