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Re: Autoconf 2.50

Denis Barbier <barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> immo vero scripsit


> This problem only demonstrates that many Debian packages are beta
> software, which is a bad thing, and i strongly disagree with your
> suggestion. An easy solution is as i said to ship files generated by
> autoconf 2.13 and drop this Build-Depends dependency. This will also
> ease compiling sources on any distribution (stable/testing/unstable).

What is beta and what is not beta does not depend upon the version
numbering magic only. The most important part is the stability of the

Even if that software is labeled as such by the upstream author, it
doesn't mean it is stable software.

Have you never been hit by new glibc, new kernel or whatever ?

For ecasound, ecawave and qtecasound are currently rather inactively
maintained upstream, because the upstream author is more busy playing with
the command-line interface, and due to the changes in the library
interface and so on, it requires a cvs version (or beta version or

If something doesn't work, please file a bug. The upstream author would
be pleased to see some bug found, and preferably fixed.

We have versioned libraries, why don't we keep versioned binaries too? 
Especially when so many things seem to start breaking.


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