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Re: Autoconf 2.50

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Denis Barbier wrote:
> The only real problems are with beta packages taken from CVS,
> i would suggest to run autoconf 2.13 on those sources and ship
> generated files along with sources until upstream author considers
> putting those files under CVS too, which is IMO the best solution.

Putting autoconf-, aclocal-, autoheader-, and automake- generated files in
CVS is a bad idea. Actually, even libtool- and gettext-generated files
should not be kept in CVS. You should regenerate them all in a autogen.sh
script on CVS export.

(if anyone needs any help to create an autogen.sh script, feel free to ask
me. I had to do it recently).

> This problem only demonstrates that many Debian packages are beta
> software, which is a bad thing, and i strongly disagree with your

If using beta software is a bad thing, why is silently breaking a lot of
packages not?  Cannot build from source is considered bad enough a problem
that we remove packages from release, if they're not fixed... and as I said
before, one will need to test-build all packages to find all those that
break.  Anything else is not acceptable from a QA standpoint.

> suggestion. An easy solution is as i said to ship files generated by
> autoconf 2.13 and drop this Build-Depends dependency. This will also
> ease compiling sources on any distribution (stable/testing/unstable).

True, but again we'd need to test-build all autoconf-using packages to track
down those that try to rebuild their configure.in scripts due to timestamp

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