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Re: [humourous interjection] Re: long term goals of debian membership

Here here Ben.

Without unions employers would screw their workers with long working hours
and low wages (or no wages). Stuff the employers, they are alright. The
"little man" in the street needs someone to fight for him, and a union of
workers is one way to do it.

Unions are absolutely essential!

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Subject: Re: [humourous interjection] Re: long term goals of debian

> > I find it remarkable the people are so quick to dismiss unions as
> > impediments to all that is right and good.  What did you do with your
> > weekend?  If you didn't spend it working 12 hour days, you really
> > should think twice before making these comments.
> I used to work under a union. It took the employer two months to fire me
> (because I quit, and didn't come in anymore) because they had to ask the
> union to do so.
> That might sound great from a union member standpoint, but think about the
> employer's woes.
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