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Re: [humourous interjection] Re: long term goals of debian membership

> Major premise: 60 men can do a task 60 times as fast as one man.
> Minor premise: A man can dig a post hole in 60 seconds.
> Conclusion: 60 men can dig one post hole in one second. ;)

Conclusion2: 60 men can dig 60 holes in 60 seconds.

That conclusion is absolutely inccorrect aswell, since now you have:

- which man is going to dig which hole?
- who will verify the holes were dug correctly?
- who will go back and redo these bad holes?
- who is going to handle changes in the 'hole digging procedure', and how
  will the 60 men find out about it?
- who will make up the supervisiors that make sure these questions are
  answered, and do you allow the 60 men to also help decide? Or do you
  make them unequals to the supervisors?
- how long till the union takes control of your work force, causes
  increased wages, and stuffs progress with endless strikes and "required
  breaks" plus benefits?


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