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Re: kernel-package or kernel bug???

On Thu 30 Nov 2000, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>  Brian> If this is the case, it seems pretty silly, as the deb file typically
>  Brian> is for installation on other computers, where the symlink just will
>  Brian> become an invalid symlink.
> 	It is installed by the kernel Makefile. And not all packages
>  are meant to be installed on other computers -- I routinely compile
>  and install my own kernel image modules, and I have a suspicion that
>  I am not alone. 

If you have a number of similar systems (e.g. a server park),
it's perfectly sensible to make a kernel-image package only
on one system, and install that on all the systems. I don't
see much sense in having a symlink on all of them that only
works on one system (if the other systems can live with the
link being broken, why need the link anyway?).

Paul Slootman
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