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Re: wterm in potato

> > There is a big problem in Debian: those seven-bit-speaking developers 
> > don't mind about others. "Minority", you said? :) Of course, USA + Great
> > Britain + Australia is much bigger than, e.g.,  China and Russia :))
> > Well, it's a good policy to make Debian English-only distribution.
> > TurboLinux and SuSE will satisfy others.
> Alexey, I don't mean any disrespect for your position. Obviously it
> is frustrating that wterm is not 8-bit clean and is no use to you.
> It should definately be fixed at the first opportunity. But I don't think
> we should remove it because it's not useful to you, because it works
> just fine for some of our users.

So we have the following situation:

Some user A tries to install Debian. It knows nothing about Debian and
"partially useful" packages. He just install distribution.

Let's suppose that user A needs an editor. He tries to install Editor1. Oops.
Seven-bit-editor. Editor2? The same thing. Editor3? The same.

"Debain sucks" - says user A. "It cannot support my language".

Well, he's simply don't know that he should install Editor18...

I guess we should not include partially broken packages in release because it
lowers the quality of distribution.

Alexey Vyskubov
(at home)
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