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Re: wterm in potato


From: Alexey Vyskubov <alexey@pepper.spb.ru>
Subject: Re: wterm in potato
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 18:06:24 +0300

> Some user A tries to install Debian. It knows nothing about Debian and
> "partially useful" packages. He just install distribution.
> Let's suppose that user A needs an editor. He tries to install Editor1. Oops.
> Seven-bit-editor. Editor2? The same thing. Editor3? The same.
> "Debain sucks" - says user A. "It cannot support my language".
> Well, he's simply don't know that he should install Editor18...

This is the circumstance exactly Japanese (and perhaps Korean, Chinese,
and other non-European-language speakers) usres are located.
Japanese people who start to use Linux have to remember a list 
of softwares which can handle Japanese.  However, it is not so
difficult to remember the list because it is not so large.
Of course Japanese developers are making much efforts to add
internationalization supports to Debian packages.

I think wterm's not-8bit-clean bug is very important but
is not release critical.  If a user says "this software does
not support my language and thus has a release critical bug,"
then many softwares (almost text-related softwares including
the Linux kernel --- we cannot input or even display Japanese
characters on ordinal console though we have additional softwares
to enable displaying) will have a release critical bugs.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.or.jp>

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