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Re: wterm in potato

On Tue, Feb 22, 2000 at 12:26:07AM +1100, Hamish Moffatt wrote:
> Alexey, I don't mean any disrespect for your position. Obviously it
> is frustrating that wterm is not 8-bit clean and is no use to you.
> It should definately be fixed at the first opportunity. But I don't think
> we should remove it because it's not useful to you, because it works
> just fine for some of our users.

Well, if Debian releases its distribution with packages that "work for many"
but "don't work for the other many" when the fix is easy, I think we are
only decreasing the distribution's quality. If the package is important, fix
it, and if it's not that important (I agree with you that wterm should not
stop a release and is not a so important package), I think it should be a)
fixed or b) removed from the frozen distribution.

> You see, removing it doesn't benefit you and doesn't benefit them.
> Leaving it in doesn't benefit you, but does benefit them. So which is
> better? Leave it in. Make a big note about how it's not 8-bit clean.

If you bother to compile another revision to place the big note in, I'd
suggest to use the time to actually fix the small problem.

> The other solution for a release-critical package is to wait for it
> to be fixed (instead of removing it). I gather this one's just an rxvt

Now, I don't know for how long that bug has been sitting in the bts but I
agree with Richard's method of removing unsuitable packages at once. It's a
good way to assure a better quality release.


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