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Re: Perl 5.005 in potato AND why freeze?

On Sun, May 09, 1999 at 10:47:16AM -0400, Zephaniah E. Hull wrote:

> IMHO we should not freeze until we have a number of things working,
> including fully functional boot disks, a cdrom generation setup, etc..
> At the moment our release method is slow, we have tried simple ways to
> speed things up, and it went even longer..

Just to troll "out of the box" a bit:

What are the reasons for freezing in the first place?  Distribution 
versioning is not something I know much about!  Help me out.
 1) A known (re)starting point.
 2) Bandwidth conservation - offload from mirrors to CD-ROM.
 3) Life is simpler for the non sysadmins.
 What else?


Certainly things should "work".  What if the freeze would
only apply to contents of baseN_N.tgz (base_YYYY-MM-DD.tgz)
or some very strictly limited subset?  Maybe a new source 
tree, stable/unstable becomes base/stable/unstable
where base is used to build the base*.tgz.

Nor do I understand the ins and outs of why not perl5.005:
if something is inevitable, general the quicker done the better.
My business needs it and has been running it since it appeared
in unstable for a few days some time ago.  Does that mean 
base/stable/unstable/bleed?  :-)




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