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Re: Corel Setup Design Proposal

> That's all fine, but did we ever find out if someone were crazy enough to
> pay for the PnP monitor specs (wasn't it $300 or so?) that an
> implementation could be done and properly documented source released? 
> Reverse engineering this just does not sound like fun.

From my limited understanding and research, the "PnP monitor specs" belongs
to VESA, a more "enlightened" organization than the owner of the rest of the
PnP specs :-)

The VESA PnD (plug and display) specs can be downloaded from the VESA web
site (http://www.vesa.org/pnd.pdf). A cursory flip through the specs seem to
indicate that it will indeed provide video timing (as well as other
interesting pieces of) information about your display hardware. 

Is there a different PnP monitor spec that people are talking about? This
(the VESA spec) is what my monitor uses.

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