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[off-topic] Hardware is so poor now [was:IPP on Debian]

On Thu, 29 Apr, 1999, Pierre R. Mai wrote:
> Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:
> Footnotes: 
> [1]  The same goes for the printer hardware as well.  Even the LJ5L I
> have is IMHO a lot to flimsy, and the trend goes on, so in the future
> you'll probably either have to get a full industrial-strength high-end 
> machine for >>$1000, or buy a new printer every year...  Compare this
> to the trusty old Epson MX-82F/T 9-dot matrix printer I still have,
> and which after 18 years (15 of which it was in full, sometimes heavy
> duty use) still is in perfectly good condition, and the only problem
> you have nowadays is finding printer-ribbons ;)

I agree, I am typing this on an IBM XT keyboard of 1984 vintage with a IBM
XT monitor[1] from the same machine sitting in front of me, the graphics card
in my PC is an IBM XT graphics card[1], again from the same machine. They have
all worked perfectly since they were bought. The Pentium PC that it is all
hooked into on the other hand crashes if you knock it (and it was home made
the PSU in the case is very poor, that is the last time I buy one of those).
And I have had to replace 3 other monitors that broke and one hard drive broke
on me.

Hardware is not what it used to be.

[1] Yes I do have a VGA monitor on my machine as well, you don't think I would 
use a non multi-head system do you?

I consume, therefore I am

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