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Re: branden's xfree 3331 packages vanished?

Johnie Ingram <johnie@netgod.net> writes:

> "Christian" == Christian T Steigies <steigies@physik.uni-kiel.de> writes:
> Christian> the xfree-1 package from source? I have been trying to
> Christian> build it on a 1GB partition on a fast machine before I try
> Christian> this for m68k, It failed with: No space left on device This
> Christian> means it needs double the space than the earlier versions?

> Fully compiled on i386:

> 	      1540930 xfree86-1-

> Which is larger than I thought, actually.  Also note dpkg-buildpackage
> doesn't honor TMPDIR (a long-standing Bug) so / needs to be big enough
> for xlib6g-dev.deb.

Hmm, that's odd, I have:

  309098 xfree86-

on a sparc. (This is the entire build tree, the packages, one
directory up, come to about 16 MB.)  Granted we have a lot fewer X
servers, but it shouldn't be _that_ big of a difference.


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