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Re: [mingp@corel.ca: Anyone in Debian working on or following IPP to make it available on Linux???]

On Wed, Apr 28, 1999 at 06:38:46PM -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:

> I'm interested in printing and Linux, however I haven't a printer yet.
> I have heard that setting up printing to the point that everything
> that CAN print just knows how to and does so sanely either just
> doesn't work in Linux, or is an absolute PITA to set up unless your
> printer happens to be an Apple LaserWriter or similar PostScript
> printer.

not true...at least, not any more.

install lprng. install magicfilter. answer a few easy questions (like
what kind of printer do you have, what port is it connected to).

instant working printer, optionally available as a network printer.
trivially easy.

magicfilter supports dozens of printers itself (most of the common
ones). in addition, gs and gs-aladdin supports many more printers - if
you have one which isn't supported by magicfilter, just configure gs and
tell magicfilter you have a postscript printer.


craig sanders

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