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Skipping the slink freeze and work on Debian 2.2 instead


I'm getting frustrated about the freeze of slink that didn't take
place yet.  It was announced three weeks ago.

Even worse we, the producers of Debian, are screwing the system
by uploading unstable packages into the unstable distribution.  Under
normal circumstances this would be the appropriate action.  In this
case it causes problems, since this so called "unstable" distribution
ought to be frozen three weeks ago and thus should stabilize and not

We have created a lot of unmet dependencies by uploading unstable
packages into the to-be-frozen distribution.  This means that a lot of
packages have to be re-compiled or re-packaged before slink can be
released - or these package have to be removed.

The following list of packages depends on ncurses3.4 which has been
replaced by libncurses4 or something like that.

Unmet dependency: ncurses3.4
  rpncalc, iptraf, tcsh, jed, tinyirc, libgpmg1-dev, clisp, xspread,
  statserial, xlife, joe, procps, cam, libggi-target-terminfo, aalib1,
  cwnn, mysql-base, ispell, pspp, scottfree, sabre, umich-ldap-utils,
  libcurses-perl, ircii, ytree, amanda-server, nvi, guile1.3, telnetd,
  lprng, sysutils, gom, elm-me+, taper, hfsutils-tcltk, xterm, info,
  kwnn, pacman, yabasic, tsiag, empire-lafe, libtclobjc1, less, zsh,
  fweb, typist, xview-examples, eggdrop, xwpe, kterm, cti-ifhp, talk,
  minicom, socks4-clients, jove, tguile1.3, screen, lde, wnn,
  xbase-clients, gmod, python-base, bitchx, jered, pdmenu, kiss,
  ucblogo, cftp, libgpmg1, jless, the, psmisc, worklog, rscheme,
  ytalk, alsautils, tnt, bibindex, trn, epic, af, sirc, mgt, ee,
  metamail, pente, ax25-utils, nethack, telnet, amanda-client, le,
  netdiag, awe-midi, mc, nn, aumix, netris, rc, playmidi,
  bsdmainutils, sc, tf, swi-prolog, gnushogi

The list can be extended:

Unmet dependency: xdevel

Unmet dependency: netscape

Unmet dependency: jdk1.1-runtime|jdk-shared|jdk-static

Unmet dependency: slang0.99.38
  urlview, slsc, most, ae

Unmet dependency: unzip
  vrwave, debian-cd

    # Btw. we should remove debian-cd from slink since it does not
    # work for slink

Unmet dependency: slang0.99.38-pic

Unmet dependency: mesag2
  freewrl, xlockmore-gl

Unmet recommends: mesag2

Unmet recommends: geomview-contrib

Unmet recommends: gnupg

Unmet recommends: libguile3-doc
  libguile3, tguile1.3

Unmet recommends: mailcrypt

This snapshot was made by a quick test of the Packages file of
slink/main.  The script I used can be found at the following URL:

Richard Braakman has opened a more detailed page at

It will take quite a while to fix and test all these packages before
we can release slink.  Therefore we should consider to skip the slink
release or make the darn freeze *now* and work on fixing these
packages without introducing more instabilities.



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