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Re: Skipping the slink freeze and work on Debian 2.2 instead

Martin Schulze wrote:
> The following list of packages depends on ncurses3.4 which has been
> replaced by libncurses4 or something like that.
> Unmet dependency: ncurses3.4
>   rpncalc, iptraf, tcsh, jed, tinyirc, libgpmg1-dev, clisp, xspread,
>   statserial, xlife, joe, procps, cam, libggi-target-terminfo, aalib1,
>   cwnn, mysql-base, ispell, pspp, scottfree, sabre, umich-ldap-utils,
>   libcurses-perl, ircii, ytree, amanda-server, nvi, guile1.3, telnetd,
>   lprng, sysutils, gom, elm-me+, taper, hfsutils-tcltk, xterm, info,
>   kwnn, pacman, yabasic, tsiag, empire-lafe, libtclobjc1, less, zsh,
>   fweb, typist, xview-examples, eggdrop, xwpe, kterm, cti-ifhp, talk,
>   minicom, socks4-clients, jove, tguile1.3, screen, lde, wnn,
>   xbase-clients, gmod, python-base, bitchx, jered, pdmenu, kiss,
>   ucblogo, cftp, libgpmg1, jless, the, psmisc, worklog, rscheme,
>   ytalk, alsautils, tnt, bibindex, trn, epic, af, sirc, mgt, ee,
>   metamail, pente, ax25-utils, nethack, telnet, amanda-client, le,
>   netdiag, awe-midi, mc, nn, aumix, netris, rc, playmidi,
>   bsdmainutils, sc, tf, swi-prolog, gnushogi

Happpily none of these look orphaned, at least none of them has the
maintainer set to debian-qa.



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