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Re: Skipping the slink freeze and work on Debian 2.2 instead

On Fri, Oct 30, 1998 at 11:06:07AM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
> We have created a lot of unmet dependencies by uploading unstable
> packages into the to-be-frozen distribution.  This means that a lot of
> packages have to be re-compiled or re-packaged before slink can be
> released - or these package have to be removed.

A simple solution is reuploading the old versions of the libraries, as
they can coexist with the new ones, and relaxing the requirement that
every package has to be compiled against the latest library version. 

There are only a few packages that really have to be recompiled before
the freeze, mainly the ones in the base system, and all but one of them
(procps) have been recompiled and uploaded already.

> The following list of packages depends on ncurses3.4 which has been
> replaced by libncurses4 or something like that.

ncurses3.4 can coexist with libncurses4 (they are both in my system just
now). Just reuploading ncurses3.4 will fix this problem.
> The list can be extended:
> Unmet dependency: xdevel
>   yorick-dev
> Unmet dependency: netscape
>   xswallow

Uh? I thought new navigator and communicator packages provided netscape.
A case of cross-distribution dependencies?
> Unmet dependency: jdk1.1-runtime|jdk-shared|jdk-static
>   vrwave
> Unmet dependency: slang0.99.38
>   urlview, slsc, most, ae

A NMU of ae, compiled with slang1 is waiting on Incoming right now.
> Unmet dependency: unzip
>   vrwave, debian-cd

unzip is in non-free. A package in main shouldn't depend on one outside
of main. (bug, bug).

>     # Btw. we should remove debian-cd from slink since it does not
>     # work for slink
> Unmet dependency: slang0.99.38-pic
>   boot-floppies

I'm just waiting for a new procps to upload a new boot-floppies set, with
the proper dependencies.

> Unmet dependency: mesag2
>   freewrl, xlockmore-gl
> Unmet recommends: mesag2
>   geomview

I don't know if mesag2 can coexist with mesag3. Probably those three
packages may be recompiled with mesag3 in a few hours (NMUs can help if
the maintainers are busy).
> Unmet recommends: geomview-contrib
>   geomview
> Unmet recommends: gnupg
>   mutt
> Unmet recommends: libguile3-doc
>   libguile3, tguile1.3
> Unmet recommends: mailcrypt
>   crypt++el

A few of those are also main packages that recommends non-main
packages. It's not as bad as a "depends", but may also be seen as a bug
in the dependencies.
> This snapshot was made by a quick test of the Packages file of
> slink/main.  The script I used can be found at the following URL:
> ftp://ftp.infodrom.north.de/pub/people/joey/tools/checkdeps
> Richard Braakman has opened a more detailed page at
> http://master.debian.org/~dark/lintian/reports/depcheck.html
> It will take quite a while to fix and test all these packages before
> we can release slink.  Therefore we should consider to skip the slink
> release or make the darn freeze *now* and work on fixing these
> packages without introducing more instabilities.

As I said, just reuploading ncurses3.4 fixes the problem for almost all
packages. The few that remain just have wrong dependencies, don't belong
in main, or may be recompiled quickly. IMHO, there's no need to skip the
release. OTOH, I agree that the freeze should be down *now*. What's going
on? What are the archive maintainers waiting for?

Enrique Zanardi					   ezanardi@ull.es

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