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Re: Skipping the slink freeze and work on Debian 2.2 instead

On Fri, Oct 30, 1998 at 11:06:07AM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
> I'm getting frustrated about the freeze of slink that didn't take
> place yet.


> The following list of packages depends on ncurses3.4 which has been
> replaced by libncurses4 or something like that.

Recompiling them should be enough in the large majority of cases. One could
argue that being linked against an older version of a library should be
considered an "important" bug, which makes it possible for recompiled
versions (be they MU or NMU) to go into frozen.

> It will take quite a while to fix and test all these packages before we
> can release slink.  Therefore we should consider to skip the slink release
> or make the darn freeze *now* and work on fixing these packages without
> introducing more instabilities.

My vote is for freezing now. Whether it is achieved by the release engineer
and the FTP administrator implementing the technical freeze, or by a request
(to -devel-announce) to all the maintainers to freeze voluntarily, I don't
particularly care. Abandoning our intent to work towards a release now is
IMO a very bad thing to do. After the hamm release, there was a great deal
of agreement we should move towards shorter release cycles. It's painfully
obvious we're having teething problems with that. That doesn't mean we
should give up our commitment. 

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