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Re: RH and GNOME

Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> wrote:
> The reason I brought this thread up was because of the little things
> that this implicates. RedHat is now making the standards. It matters
> not that they release everything as GPL. If we or anyone else uses
> GNOME, we are playing by RH's rules. Not everyone sees this as a
> problem. It may not BE a problem. But it is darn scary to consider.

For what it's worth, E is probably the biggest movement against GNOME
that I've seen.

> Everyone using GNOME is now a RH knockoff. For the newbie, the only
> reason to use another distribution is to get KDE. So esssentially SuSE
> and Redhat are now the only two of importance. This iwhat bothers me.
> We all use Apache, but we are not beholden to anyone but the Apache
> group for it. This is why Linus turned down an offer to work for RH or
> SuSE. He did not want anyone Linux dist owning the kernel.

I don't use Apache, I use Roxen.

And the whole point of the GPL (which GNOME uses) is to make this
ownership stuff less of an issue.  The developers own the project,
but only for as long as they're working on it.

This is somewhat different from the problem with KDE (where the authors
granted an exception to the GPL, even for software they didn't write).


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