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Re: RH and GNOME

Raul Miller wrote:
> Shaleh <shaleh@livenet.net> wrote:
> > He refuses to accept any changes to the Makefile or config scripts to
> > allow installation in anything but /usr/local/enlightenment.
> I was under the impression that some other guy was working on a complete
> overhaul of the config stuff, including the ability to configure gets
> run from.
> You mmight want to talk with him about when that will be ready, or how
> you can help (I forget his name, but think he posted a couple times to
> the enlightenment list).

Raul I have talked to both Raster and Mandrake in person and in irc. 
They say that it is theirs and they will do what they darn well please. 
Both of them want all of E to be in <foo>/enlightenment -- bins,
configs, dox, everything.  He has refused to accept my patches.  If it
was not for the fact that otherwise I find him and Mandrake to be good
people I would drop E like a bad habit and suggest that others do the
same.  However I like them and the #E community -- so I will patch each
and every version by hand.  Yuck.

The "other" guy you refer to simply cleaned up what was a rather nasty
mess.  I think he added to it though.   Imlib 1.7 now sets the "rpath"
for its binaries.  So I just patched it to not do so.  No word from
Rasterman yet on this.

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