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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

On Wed, May 27, 1998 at 03:38:38PM -0400, Shaleh wrote:
> The bigger question is: does it matter?  most of us have a stable hamm
> system and have had them for a long time.  does owning a "official" cd
> make any difference.  I use the CD once -- when I install.  Then it
> collects dust.  

Yes, it does matter.  I can no longer recommend Debian to my friends
and coworkers, because I don't want to have to tell them the hoops
they have to jump through to get a reasonably current system
installed.  I also don't want to have to explain why virtually all of
the pre-compiled or third-party software they will run across will be
in a foreign packaging format, and that even if it can be converted to
a native format, it still may not work for them.

> The system ITSELF is stable, rapidly fixed, and all in
> all the best Linux I have used.  I bought my bo CD a year ago, I had no
> idea if Debian was any good.  

No argument here.  Quality-wise Debian is head and shoulders above
every other LInux distribution I've seen.  Unfortunately, only the
Debian developers and small percentage of Linux users ever get to see
the quality because it never gets released.

> I
> grow tired of these long continuous threads.  If you have a problem,
> help fix it.  Quit complaining and threatening to leave.  I was once
> told to never trust converts.  They have no real dedication.  I say the
> same to everyone here.  

How long have you been working on Debian?  I've been working on it
since the 0.92 days.  That must be at least 4 years.  For way too
long, I maintained all of the core development packages, libc4/5/6,
gcc, binutils, etc.  I laid the groundwork for both of the major libc
transitions (4 to 5 and 5 to 6), and spent countless hours porting and
rebuilding other developer's packages to help speed things along.
Both times, it took a year or more before that work was released.

You might be asking now, "Well if you did all this before, why haven't
I heard of you and why aren't you doing anything now.  The reason is
that I finally got fed up with all of the inane flame wars and power
plays that seemed to erupt every 2-3 months.  For the last year, I
decided to keep a low profile, maintain my own packages and see what
happened.  You know what happened?  The same old things, flame wars,
power play and no releases.

Perhaps you understand now why I'm so frustrated.

> We are here becuase we are making OUR linux
> better.  If CD's are important they will happen.  But rather than
> releasing shoddy work, we make a well honed product.

No, until you release something, there is NO product, at least not one
ordinary users are willing to use.  What you have right now is a
quaint, little, community-supported Linux distribution.  And that's
all it will ever be until things change.

David Engel                        ODS Networks
david@sw.ods.com                   1001 E. Arapaho Road
(972) 234-6400                     Richardson, TX  75081

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