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Re: so what? Re: Debian development modem

I have not been paying attention that long and for that -- I apologize. 
Frankly this is where the problem is coming from -- a group wants to be
a RH competitor in market share or whatever and a group which wants to
maintain a community product.  I can not see the too existing.  RH makes
it to deadline for two reasons: they cut corners and they have paid
staff who can be dedicated to the work.  This is the same resaon you see
more R&D from them.  I guess the only real solution to to get everyone
to stop and vote for a purpose and let those who want to leave go their
own way.  Until this happens the current situation will not change. 
Although some may not see this as a problem.  Debian is not a single
goal project like kernel development or making a new window manager.  SO
it is harder to shoe horn into a set path.

How can you see, when your mind is not open?
How can you think, when your eyes are closed?
- Jason Bonham Band, "Ordinary Black and White"

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