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Debian development modem (was The broken libjpeg-6b is in RH 5.1)

On Wed, May 27, 1998 at 01:15:54AM -0400, Steve Dunham wrote:
> The reason I Bcc'd this here was as an example of the advantages
> Debian garners from an open development model and a dedication to
> quality.  

Warning: the (brief) rantings of an extremely frustrated developer lie

On the flip side, that open development model and dedication to
quality, when combined with a lot of indiferrence and lack of
leadership, means public releases only get made about once every two
years.  Debian had a mostly libc6 based system long before RedHat, yet
RedHat is releasing their second libc6 system while Debian still has
no clue when, or even if, it will release.  

I am so sick of the internal bickering and never ending delays
associated with Debian, that I am seriously considering switching to
RedHat 5.1 (bugs and all) when I get my complimentary CD next week.  I
figure if I simply redirect the work I would have spent on Debian to
fixing the problems in RedHat, I'll be that much better off.

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