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so what? Re: Debian development modem

The bigger question is: does it matter?  most of us have a stable hamm
system and have had them for a long time.  does owning a "official" cd
make any difference.  I use the CD once -- when I install.  Then it
collects dust.  The system ITSELF is stable, rapidly fixed, and all in
all the best Linux I have used.  I bought my bo CD a year ago, I had no
idea if Debian was any good.  But it had a mailing list FULL of nice and
helpful people and 4.00 for Debian was better than 40.00 for RH (okay so
I am a student).  Now I stay with Debian because of its technical
merits.  I have become a develop to help the number of bugs grow (-:  I
grow tired of these long continuous threads.  If you have a problem,
help fix it.  Quit complaining and threatening to leave.  I was once
told to never trust converts.  They have no real dedication.  I say the
same to everyone here.  We are here becuase we are making OUR linux
better.  If CD's are important they will happen.  But rather than
releasing shoddy work, we make a well honed product.  I can wait for a
WORKING cd.  I had to deal with RH at work and know the difference in
quality we make.

How can you see, when your mind is not open?
How can you think, when your eyes are closed?
- Jason Bonham Band, "Ordinary Black and White"

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