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Re: Strang shutdown mechanism with Debian

>>>>> "Miquel" == Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> writes:
    Miquel> Yes we do. And I'm not going to explain this all *again*.

Explain to me in words of one sylable how the range 00-99 suddenly
became the range 91-99

    Miquel> Nope. You clearly do not understand the mechanism at all.

No, I haven't got the first clue. I've only been using the exact same
mechanism for over siz years on multiple Unices. :)

    >> The only time particular scripts should care about their
    >> position within a K* *or* S* sequence is when they require the
    >> services set-up/shut-down by another script.

    Miquel> Yes. And for the scripts I am talking about this is very
    Miquel> important.

    Miquel> Which is what I did if you had bothered to read the rest
    Miquel> of the thread.

Then where in the thread (which I did read) did you mention removing
the throughly broken (IMNSHO) use S?? as a shut-down mechaism?

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