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Re: Adding game into repos

I made my first debian package and uploaded it here:


The needed files should be in the Debian-unofficial section.

What are the next steps ?

How do i check in the packaging into the game team svn ?

And how do i handle a update, i mean when i update my game (hopefully not so soon it should be finished) how do i update the debian package ? do i just do a new one or how is it done?

Thanks for your time and help :-D

On 12/05/10 19:23, manuel wrote:
On 12/05/10 02:33, Paul Wise wrote:
On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 11:51 PM, manuel<linuxuser-sky@gmx.de>  wrote:

I will upload the deb package on my sourceforge host is that ok ?
The .deb isn't needed, just the source package (.dsc, .debian.tar.gz
and orig.tar.gz). You can upload it anywhere as long as the packaging
is checked into the games team SVN repository.

How do i check in the packaging into the game team svn ?

Can i test my package in my PC and get a reliable feedback ? (caouse im
building it on it)
Sure. When uploading to Debian unstable, you should build and test on
Debian unstable though.

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