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Re: Adding game into repos

On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 1:47 AM, manuel <linuxuser-sky@gmx.de> wrote:

> /usr/games/pyKsoko (link to /usr/share/games/pyKsoko/pyKsoko)

Why not install it there directly?

> /usr/share/games/pyKsoko/COPYING (deleted cause its gpl so not needed or ?)

Shouldn't be needed since Debian ships it in /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL

> /usr/share/games/pyKsoko/pyKsoko_stones.pyc
> /usr/share/games/pyKsoko/pyKsoko_stones.pyo

These should not be shipped. In Debian we generate these files at
install time. Take a look at python-support

> Also there are user files who are saved in Home when user starts game first
> time:
> /hom/$user/.pyKsoko
> /hom/$user/.pyKsoko/highscore
> /hom/$user/.pyKsoko/music
> /hom/$user/.pyKsoko/conf.dat
> /hom/$user/.pyKsoko/stats.dat
> /hom/$user/.pyKsoko/save.dat

The user's home directory isn't always /home/$user/ so don't hard-code
that, use python's os.path.expanduser function.

Also check out this FreeDesktop spec:


IIRC Windows has some similar environment variables that you should use.

MacOS uses another scheme.

Some details about MacOS/Windows are here:


> Do you build the debian package and i just deliver the sources or do i build
> it and the developers just look over it ?

Either way is possible. The latter would be preferrable, the team
seems a bit understaffed at the moment. Even better would be if you're
interested in helping with other packages too.



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