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Re: Adding game into repos

On 11/05/10 02:59, Paul Wise wrote:
On Mon, 2010-05-10 at 16:47 +0100, manuel wrote:


These should not be shipped. In Debian we generate these files at
install time. Take a look at python-support
I read the description of python support but how do i start the update
script when i install the package ? is there some auto start script in
the package?
IIRC python-support has triggers so dpkg notifies it when a package
installs python files into the python directories. I'd suggest asking on
the debian-python list if you have any other questions though.

ok will try and ask if i got problems with it

Unfortunately for this type of work i should have access to a windows
and a mac pc but unfortunately i dont have access to any of these.

I read on the internet that environ should work on linux and mac but i
could not find anything about windows.

Could somebody give me feedback if the os.environ is working on windows
and mac and if not what would be the correct command.
os.environ should work on Windows too, but IIRC you need to use APPDATA
instead of HOME. On Linux there are also the XDG_* variables.

APPDATA is not available in Linux so i will write two one for mac/Linux and one for win with APPDATA.

Could somebody test that out on Win when i included in in the upload (version 0.3.2), please Many thanks!
OK so i will try and build my own package then and you look over it.
Great :)

I found this howto to build a python package for ubuntu:


can i use this howto or is there a howto for debian and python?
Looks like you can use it. I'd suggest using debhelper rather than cdbs.

BTW, it would be best to keep threads like this on-list in future.

Thanks will try to build the package soon after my personal live is a bit quieter (will get busy over the next week or so)

Also it allows me to wait for bugreports :-D

I will upload the deb package on my sourceforge host is that ok ?

Can i test my package in my PC and get a reliable feedback ? (caouse im building it on it)

Thanks again


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