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Re: doom policy: wiki or svn repository? (also: formats)

I demand that Jamie Jones may or may not have written...

> On Fri, 2006-05-19 at 22:49 +0100, Darren Salt wrote:
>> I demand that Jamie Jones may or may not have written...
>>> my engine (deng) has [its] own internal glbsp (based on 2.20) that builds
>>> glnodes at runtime while loading levels.

>> EDGE does this too; but at least for IWADs, it'd make sense to have the
>> .gwa files generated at install time if only because this way you
>> eliminate the possibility of duplicate .gwa files and any need for the
>> binaries to be suitably setgid for creating files in
>> /usr/share/games/doom; and that dir itself then won't need the group
>> sticky bit.

> deng builds its .gwa files in $HOME/.deng/bspcache/$WAD-$CRC so it doesn't
> need any setgid bits.

Fair enough.

Hmm, $CRC - could be useful for EDGE. It'd also make a shared cache

> It won't hurt to build a .gwa file at IWAD install time (or at PWAD install
> time). Need to keep in mind, that some wads may need v5 glnodes, while most
> are fine with v2. [...]

That shouldn't be a problem; glbsp(1) says that it defaults to version 2, but
will automatically switch to v3 or v5 where necessary. This switching is
implemented in level.c, so you'll get some v5 nodes whether you like it or
not :-)

>> Can deng be built with an external libglbsp?

> On my TODO list to find out.

Well, you know where my packages are...

BTW, I've spent some time today building unstable/amd64 versions of as many
of my packages as I can... yes, this includes EDGE :-)

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