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doom policy: wiki or svn repository? (also: formats)

Hi all,

I've written up a "policy"[1] for the packaging of doom
programs and utilities which is attached (plain text).

Where do you think this would best be kept?

        the debian wiki. Advantages: visible, alongside
        other pkg-games documentation, easy to edit.
        Disadvantages: could hardly be considered to be
        anything more than best-practise if editing is open
        to all.

        the svn repository. Advantages: could carry some
        authority if editing is limited to pkg-games

I'm leaning towards the latter.

Finally, as it stands it is just plain text. If I put it in
SVN I was thinking of converting it to something more
structured e.g. docbook.  I see the debian policy[2] proper
uses a "<debiandoc>" SGML flavour, I'm not sure how that is
processed. Does anyone here have any experience /

[1] athough I think "guidelines" is more appropriate
[2] <http://cvs.debian.org/*checkout*/debian-policy/policy.sgml?content-type=text%2Fplain&root=debian-policy>


Jon Dowland
                             Doom Policy
                     (for want of a better title)
                                         Jon Dowland <jon@alcopop.org>
                         Last modified Thu, 18 May 2006 21:49:05 +0100


    This document outlines the packaging of doom and doom-related
    programs and data in the Debian operating system.


    IWAD - a .wad file required to play doom (I for ID)
    PWAD - a "patch" .wad, containing replacement resources
    port - the original source release was ported to DOS from linux. All
           further developments with the source code retain the name
           "port", but are more properly known as engines.


  All doom-related packages should be in [main|contrib]/games which
  means binaries go in /usr/games and man pages in section 6. The
  debian menu heirarchy should begin Games. It is advised that you use
  "Games/Arcade" as the menu location: this is a precedent set by
  prboom, amongst others.


  Doom engines and tools that require an IWAD know to look in
  /usr/share/games/doom. The following filenames are recognised as IWADs:

        doom.wad        doom or ultimate doom
        udoom.wad       ultimate doom
        doom1.wad       shareware doom
        doom2.wad       doom2
        doom2f.wad      doom2 (french release)
        tnt.wad         final doom: TNT
        plutonia.wad    final doom: plutonia

  The original DOOM games come in a variety of different versions and
  free alternatives exist for some of them. Therefore packages should
  not install a file to these locations directly, but register an
  alternative with the alternatives system (see below)

IWAD Alternatives

  For each of the files listed in the previous section, an alternative
  may be registered in the directory /usr/share/games/doom. The
  following priorities have been chosen for different categories of

        official IWADs carry priority 25
        free alternatives carry priority 50

  This means the official IWADs, where present, will be chosen in
  favour of the free alternatives.

Virtual packages

                      the code portion of a doom game. to be depended
                      on if you are a PWAD, say.


                      any doom IWAD. For use by e.g. engines.

  Old Virtual packages


                      yadex used to Provide: this, but it was not used
                      in any package relationship and is no longer

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