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Re: doom policy: wiki or svn repository? (also: formats)

On Thu, 2006-05-18 at 22:09 +0100, Jon Dowland wrote:

G'day Jon,

Thanks for starting this. If I may offer some suggestions and comments.

Speaking as a Doom engine packager[1] (though not in Debian), and as an
upstream developer of a Doom engine[2].

First, Does this only apply to "Doom", or all Doom engine games,
including heretic and hexen based derivatives ?

Re: Sections:
Properly speaking, Id/Raven/Rouge IWADS would be non-free, and PWADS
that prohibit modification would also be non-free. Most engines would
fit into main due to working with freedoom, although some (like mine)
fit into non-free currently for various reasons.

doomu.wad has typically been used for ultimate doom, rather than
udoom.wad. My wad installers use doomu.wad themselves.
Regarding the alternatives system, I feel it is an over-engineered
solution. Under your setup, it is impossible to play both doom2.wad from
id software, and freedoom without changing the wad under alternatives
(not something I'd expect a new user to do). I feel a better solution is
simply to install freedoom as freedoom.wad. Most modern ports accept a
parameter such as -iwad or -file that allows you to pick which IWAD you
want to use, as such simply installing the IWAD
into /usr/share/games/doom/ should be fine.

IWAD installation:
We need to create a standard set of IWAD installers, I have my own, you
begun creating some, and IIRC Darren Salt has some for his packaging of
EDGE. My IWAD installers also provide the following virtual packages,
doom1-iwad, doom2-iwad, plutonia-wad, tnt-wad and corresponding packages
for heretic/hexen. My IWAD installers currently prompt the user for the
path to their IWAD on install.

PWAD installation:
So that all engines can benefit from and utilise the pwads, I would like
install the pwads like this /usr/share/games/doom/pwad-$GAME-$NAME for

[1] http://eyagi.bpa.nu/eyagi/community-projects/yagisan-s-doomsday-for-debian-ubuntu
[2] http://sourceforge.net/projects/deng

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