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Re: doom policy: wiki or svn repository? (also: formats)

On Fri, 2006-05-19 at 22:49 +0100, Darren Salt wrote:
> I demand that Jamie Jones may or may not have written...
> > On Fri, 2006-05-19 at 18:33 +0100, Darren Salt wrote:
> >>> My IWAD installers also provide the following virtual packages,
> >>> doom1-iwad, doom2-iwad, plutonia-wad, tnt-wad and corresponding packages
> >>> for heretic/hexen. My IWAD installers currently prompt the user for the
> >>> path to their IWAD on install.
> >> Sounds good... do yours run tools such as glbsp on the installed WADs? And
> >> if Vavoom is added, glvis will also need to be run on the installed
> >> WADs...
> > No, my engine (deng) has [its] own internal glbsp (based on 2.20) that
> > builds glnodes at runtime while loading levels.
> EDGE does this too; but at least for IWADs, it'd make sense to have the .gwa
> files generated at install time if only because this way you eliminate the
> possibility of duplicate .gwa files and any need for the binaries to be
> suitably setgid for creating files in /usr/share/games/doom; and that dir
> itself then won't need the group sticky bit.

deng builds it's .gwa files in $HOME/.deng/bspcache/$WAD-$CRC so it
doesn't need any setgid bits. It won't hurt to build a .gwa file at IWAD
install time (or at PWAD install time). Need to keep in mind, that some
wads may need v5 glnodes, while most are fine with v2. deng itself only
reads v2 nodes, but has had some updates so it should not be hard to add
support for other versions.

> Can deng be built with an external libglbsp?

On my TODO list to find out.

> Anyway, I'll file an ITP for glbsp; I'll need a sponsor.
> > We should ignore the GL_PVS extension of glvis, but as glvis segfaults on
> > my system, I haven't tested it to make sure it works as it should.
> ISTR it segfaulting when I last tried it... :-|

Perhaps there is something about my dev box it didn't like (actually
that is an Ubuntu Dapper box)

> > My current pwad installers have been installing on into a variant of that
> > path scheme (/usr/share/games/deng/Data/jDoom/pwad-doom1-2002ado) with no
> > unhappy users for over a year now (although, that may mean I'm the only
> > user).
> That's entirely possible... I know that in the last four weeks (approx.),
> I've had one download of my Doom wad installer, three of gledge (one each of
> stable, testing, unstable), and four of edge-wad (two from stable). Contrast
> with my patched-for-vdr-xine libxine1: 24 each for stable and testing, 45 for
> unstable. (About 76% of all downloads, including package lists, were done
> using apt.)

Not having stats from my mirrors, but my most popular packaged PWAD
(Alien Vendetta) has been snatched 91 times by Debian users, and 117
times by Ubuntu users. Not bad considering that's off my home adsl

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