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Re: Are there other derivatives based on Debian Testing?

On Wed, Jul 22, 2015 at 6:17 PM, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> Yes, although you would want to test the upgrade not of individual binary
> packages but from all the binary packages of the same source (since they
> migrate to testing as a whole with their source package).

That makes it complicated due to conflicts between binary packages
belonging to one source package, how would you propose to solve that?

> This would certainly be useful problems to detect. The hard part is
> running that soon enough and filing the appropriate RC bugs soon enough
> so that the broken behaviour does not propagate to testing.

I guess interested people would have to look at the piuparts results
often and file bug reports. In addition it would be good to have
piuparts results in the distro-tracker.

> And you want to test not only the upgrade but also the initial installation.
> So in one case, you start with a testing chroot with the packages
> installed, and in the other case you start with a testing chroot without
> the package installed.

I don't know if piuparts can snapshot chroots but if so that would be
the way to do this.

> You want to solve all dependencies in testing except those that can only
> be satisfied in sid. So "-t sid" is not really appropriate as a first
> test.
> You want "apt-get -t testing install pkg1/sid pkg2/sid". If that fails at the
> dependency resolution process (test with "-s" first?), then we might want
> to allow solving dependencies in sid. But when you can upgrade without
> pulling anything from sid, that scenario should be tested.

Makes sense.



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