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Re: Are there other derivatives based on Debian Testing?

On Mon, 13 Jul 2015, Paul Wise wrote:
> > In Kali, we have a workflow where we constantly sync with Debian Testing
> > and our kali-dev release breaks from time to time due to breakage in
> > testing:
> > - some package migrate alone when they should not (ex: texinfo with
> >   #791588)
> That was filed with severity serious so it should have blocked
> migration. I guess the migration happened before the bug was filed?
> The solution here seems to be more testing of unstable to catch bugs
> early.

None of this help here. There's no bug in unstable, the package installs
fine in unstable. But once it migrated into testing without tex-common,
then the bug appears... the bug is a missing dependency that can only
be detected by some sort of partial upgrade.

> > - some packages are removed because the maintainer disappeared (ex: tcpick
> >   with #778141)
> Not sure if there is anything that can be done about inactive
> maintainers other than NMU early, NMU often :)

Yes, but we can develop some tools to help derivatives be informed earlier
of some of their important reverse dependencies that are going to be
removed from testing (cf the discussion we just had on #debian-release).

> > We push temporary fixes in our kali-dev repo but it would be better
> > for everybody if such temporary fixes would reach testing itself.
> I guess that would depend on the release team accepting updates via
> testing-proposed-updates outside of the freeze.

Yes. But before trying to suggest some of this, I wanted to see if this
could be a cross-derivative request/suggestion giving more
weight/confidence that this is something that can be useful.

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