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Re: Are there other derivatives based on Debian Testing?

Hello Raphael,

On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 03:44:48PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Hello,
> are there other Debian derivatives based on Debian Testing? (I don't know
> how to grep on the census...)

Knoppix is based mainly on testing with some packages from unstable (xorg
drivers) and experimental (iceweasel).

> In Kali, we have a workflow where we constantly sync with Debian Testing
> and our kali-dev release breaks from time to time due to breakage in
> testing:
> - some package migrate alone when they should not (ex: texinfo with
>   #791588)
> - some packages are removed because the maintainer disappeared (ex: tcpick
>   with #778141)
> - etc.
> Are there other derivatives affected by such breakages and that would
> be interested in cooperating to:
> - try to avoid such breakage in the first place
> - try to limit the amount of time testing is broken for us

It happens in Knoppix, too, mostly because of invalid, missing or very
stubborn dependencies (such as network-manager depending on systemd).
It's resolved here by some manual apt-get magic plus, in rare case,
forks of packages with changed dependencies. In the latter case, you can
find the sources at http://debian-knoppix.alioth.debian.org/ .

> We push temporary fixes in our kali-dev repo but it would be better
> for everybody if such temporary fixes would reach testing itself.

>From my experience, it's much less stressful to file an official bug
report (reportbug) in case of problematic package configurations or
dependencies in the original debian/testing, but create and maintain
solutions "private" to a derivative and publish them in parallel, so the
original package maintainers can have a look on your solution. But still
I'm looking forward to hear about your personal experience discussing
desired package changes with the original maintainers & the results. :-)


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